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Advisory to Re-imagine your Business

Keyicon is a management consulting organization focused on helping organizations in the area of improvements in business processes by advising new age technologies as well as industry best practices and get them implemented. Technologies  have strongly impacted more or less all industries but it is still a challenge to adopt appropriate technologies for the growth and sustainment of any organization in this changing, competitive and demanding era. Keyicon is helping organizations to adopt best suited technologies out of all available options.

Business process improvement is just like improving our habits of doing something. As improving or basically changing our habits is painful during the initial phase, improving business processes is also painful at the initial phase and also requires an approach to maintain the improvement. Keyicon has a systematic phase wise approach which helps organizations in smooth transition to improved business processes and also helps to maintain and further improve the processes.

Keyicon is not focused on specific technologies and we advice appropriate in-budget technologies based on the understanding of business processes and expectations of organization from the new technologies. Keyicon works with organizations in the procurement process for the selection of appropriate technologies and suitable vendor(s) for the implementations. Keyicon also supports organizations in the project management during the implementation of appropriate technologies.

Keyicon has a pool of well experienced consultants from different industries and processes who help organizations to achieve best and sustainable outcome on adoption of new age technologies. As technologies are changing day by day, our team is always researching and evaluating new technologies and finding ways to maximize benefits to the organizations.

Business Meeting


To improve business processes across industries by advising new age technologies as well as industry best practices and get them implemented for the growth and sustainment of any organization in this changing, competitive and demanding era.

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